Proofreading | 24/7 Editing

Our full-time editors deliver consistent and professional proofreading on every document they read. They are 100% human (not robots or software), US-educated, professional proofreaders who live and breathe English. They will proofread for common English mistakes, such as:

  • Grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Incorrect word use or choice
  • Missing prepositions and articles
  • Unclear pronoun references
  • Singular and plural agreement
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Incorrect verb form or tense

Clients retain full control of the changes incorporated into their documents. Proofreading is completed using tracked changes. An author can accept all changes proposed by the editor or review each suggestion and choose to accept or reject the edit. Comments, corrections, and suggestions are listed in the right-hand margin and are easy to identify.

Why Use Proof Reading, LLC?

We employ full-time editors with a passion for English. Our editors cringe at run-on sentences, are made nauseous by missing prepositions, and actually become physically ill from incorrect word use. Not only are our editors talented, but full-time employees are provided with consistent working hours, paid time off, and a 6% employer-matched 401(k). This translates into meticulously proofread work for our clients.

We offer six editing solutions to accommodate your schedule:


$0.0455 / word

  • 72-hour editing service
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$0.0546 / word

  • 48-hour editing service
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$0.0637 / word

  • 24-hour editing service
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$0.0728 / word

  • 10-hour editing service
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$0.0818 / word

  • 6-hour editing service
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$0.0955 / word

  • 3-hour editing service
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Proofreading for Essays, Dissertations, and Other Academic Work

Our editors ensure that citations and references follow these standard writing styles: MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian, CSE, ASA, AMA, or Associated Press style. Essay editing is a unique skill that not many editors possess. Because it isn't enough to proofread for grammatical errors alone in academia, our editors also ensure that every essay or article has proper formatting as well, from headers, paragraph style, and page layout to references and in-text citations.

Proofreading for Professionals

Professionals, small businesses, and large corporations rely on our editors each and every business day. Our editors can sift through technical jargon and proofread for common English mistakes. We edit numerous documents domestically and often edit professional documents from international clients who speak English as a second language. We edit emails and website text, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, memos, business plans, novels, short stories, poems, and other professional documents written in English.

Proofreading, not Paraphrasing

Our editors do not paraphrase. Paraphrasing or rewriting is not a service we provide. When our editors proofread a document, they ensure the client's voice is heard. Our proofreaders will remove common English errors and ensure proper formatting. Our editors will not overedit or rearrange a sentence just for the sake of making changes.

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We are confident you will be 100% satisfied, and we offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your edited document, we will honor our guarantee.

Privacy and Security

Proof Reading, LLC guarantees the security of your document and credit card. We have a Norton Seal + DigiCert Secure Site, and all documents and payments are sent over a secure sockets layer (SSL) connection, protecting you against credit card and document theft. Documents travel over our encrypted network, and are destroyed after 30 days. We take every precaution to ensure your total privacy and security.

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