About Us

Proof Reading, LLC was established to meet the growing demand of business document editing. The business world is a highly competitive marketplace; business professionals need to present their clients with the highest quality services and products. Small business owners wear many hats and can be overwhelmed with multiple tasks. Proof Reading, LLC offers high-quality proofreading and document editing, which eliminates one more detail and gives business owners peace of mind.

Proof Reading, LLC
3905 State Street
Suite 7-516
Santa Barbara, California 93105-3138
United States

Proof Reading, LLC provides comprehensive editing and proofreading services. The document is checked for proper grammar usage and flow. Our editing team ensures that the client's ideas are clearly and succinctly communicated to the target audience. Editors use their vast experience to produce high-quality business documents.

Proof Reading, LLC is already used by many domestic and international businesses. Proof Reading, LLC acts as an internal editing department; our services are used to edit outgoing correspondence such as letters and emails, as well as websites, PowerPoint presentations, business plans, novels, memos, proposals, grants, sales contracts, brochures, catalogs, and other professional documents.

Proof Reading, LLC takes client privacy seriously. TRUSTe® has validated our information collection practices and has issued a “trustmark” to Proof Reading, LLC TRUSTe® is an independent organization dedicated to enabling individuals and organizations to establish trusting relationships that are based on respect for personal identity and information in the evolving networked world. The “trustmark” is awarded only to sites that adhere to the TRUSTe® established privacy principles of disclosure, choice, access, and security. Furthermore, websites that display the TRUSTe® privacy seal agree to comply with ongoing TRUSTe® oversight and their alternative dispute resolution process. More information about our privacy policy can be found at https://www.proof-reading.com/privacy.asp. For a comprehensive overview of the principles, oversight, and resolution requirements that make up the TRUSTe program, please see the following: Program Principles.

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