Edit Confirm — Revision Service

Use the Edit Confirm feature after you review the editor's comments and corrections. Make adjustments to your document based on editor suggestions, and then submit the document for an additional review. Edit Confirm documents are enabled for 48-hours after they are returned to you. Substantial discounts are offered on all Edit Confirm documents. Edit Confirm documents are returned in 24-hours at the rate of $0.0546 per word.


$0.0546 / word

  • 24-hour editing service
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Use Edit Confirm to refine your document based on editor comments and corrections. Proof-Reading.com editors correct grammar, punctuation, and improve the flow of your documents. After reviewing your edited document, you may want to add new content and ideas, and resubmit it to us as an Edit Confirm document. Your Edit Confirm document may have no more or no less than a 20% difference in word count from the edited version of your document. If the changes are minor, the document should be reviewed by the editor who originally worked on your paper. He or she is familiar with your work and can quickly edit your minor changes. In this case, there is no reason to have a second editor review your document or pay an extra fee to have your document refined.

Edit Confirm Benefits:
  • Gold Editing Services (24-hour editing service) at the price of the Silver Editing Service
    • $0.0546 per word/24-hour return time
  • The editor is familiar with your previously edited work
  • You may clarify your ideas and thesis statement after grammar, punctuation, and flow have been edited