General Inquiries

Can you edit and format my document according to Turabian guidelines?

Can you proofread a law school paper such as a memo?

Can you return my paper prior than the turnaround time that I chose (e.g., returning a 3-hour paper in 30 minutes)?

Do you charge for editing of a document that I have previously submitted but made some changes to? If so, is the price the same the second time around?

Do you proofread websites, or do we have to copy the text into a Word document to submit via your online order system?

Do your editors write documents or plagiarize written work? We do not want our work recycled for use in other clients' documents.

How can I become an editor for Proof Reading, LLC?

How do I submit a document?

How much time would you take to proofread a 100-page document?

How quickly can I have my document edited?

Are there page restrictions for 3-hour and 6-hour submissions?

I lost or forgot my password or user ID. What do I do?

I think I need heavy revision. Do your editors do this?

I'm looking for proofreading for an erotic short story that I wrote. I want to make sure that there is no problem with submitting erotic or sexual material to your service. I would not want to register and make someone uncomfortable with my work.

Is my document available for anyone else to use?

Is this service safe from plagiarism checkers?

What is grammar editing?

If I submit my edited paper to, which is required to ensure that it was not plagiarized, will I be okay?

Where do I submit my document? Do I have to be a member of Proof Reading, LLC?

Who uses your services?

Scholarship Questions

If I am completing a bachelor's degree this term and have been accepted to a law program that begins in the fall. Am I eligible for the Proof Reading, LLC scholarship program?

Support Questions

Can I track how much time is remaining until my document is completed?

How do I change my payment information?

How do I communicate with my editor about the changes he/she suggested?

How do I use the executive editing features of Microsoft Word?

How long do you keep my document?

How will I know that my document has been edited?

I have a suggestion or a question that is not answered in this FAQ. How do I get in contact with Proof Reading, LLC?

What are your hours of operation?

What file formats do you accept?

Why can't I pick up my document?

Billing Questions

Do you accept PayPal?

Are your prices in United States dollars (USD)?

Can I pay with a check or debit card?

Is there a registration fee or a one-time purchase charge upon submission of the first document?

Explain the payment process. I am a little confused by the registration form.

Why is my estimate different from the amount I was charged?