Editing Various Types of Documents

The editors at Proof Reading, LLC edit a variety of documents on a daily basis. They are experienced and adept at editing short business and personal memos, emails, and letters, as well as longer academic and business documents, such as book reviews, essays, research papers, business reports, full-length dissertations, journal articles, and manuscripts for books. No editing job is too large or too small. The editors carefully read and evaluate each document before making corrections, changes, and suggestions.

The editing staff understands that every document submitted to Proof Reading, LLC is important to its author. Therefore, each editor devotes all of her or his attention to one document at a time. He or she first reviews the document to develop an understanding of the author's intent. Then the editor reads it carefully, sentence by sentence, correcting errors in punctuation, grammar, and English usage, as well as rewriting awkward, poorly worded sentences and phrases and inserting needed transition sentences. He or she may also make corrections in reference to formatting and may insert helpful suggestions.


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Of course, different types of documents require distinctive modes of editing. For example, when proofreading an informal email or letter, the editor may leave contractions and colloquialisms in place (as long as they are correctly used and appropriate). This is not the case with academic and business documents. Since those kinds of papers must be crystal clear, concise, and effectively written, our editors spend a great deal of time refining the language used and making sure that the formatting style chosen by the client has been properly implemented.

Whether they are working on short, informal notes or lengthy business-related or academic documents, the editors at Proof Reading, LLC employ the same painstakingly accurate and effective editing protocols. The staff at Proof Reading, LLC is committed to carefully and professionally editing every paper that is submitted to us.

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