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SaveConfirm is a permanent file storage solution for Proof Reading, LLC clients. The SaveConfirm option will ensure that your Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Portable Document Files (PDF), or Rich Text Files (.rtf) are stored on our secure server beyond the standard 30-day storage period. All documents submitted to Proof Reading, LLC are eligible for SaveConfirm. The SaveConfirm option is available for a onetime fee of $1.99; the $1.99 fee is waived for Associate and Executive proofreading clients.

Who Should Activate SaveConfirm?
  1. Frequent Travelers Who Want to Travel Light
    1. Business professionals meeting clients outside of the office
    2. Students commuting to and from class
  2. Anyone Who Wants To Have a Backup Copy and a Disaster Recovery Plan
  3. Clients Needing Global Access to Any SaveConfirm Document
How to Activate SaveConfirm:
  1. Activate the SaveConfirm Option from the Document Submission Form
    1. Check the Activate the SaveConfirm checkbox
  2. Activate the SaveConfirm Option from the Document Status Page After Submission
    1. Click on the button labeled "Activate SaveConfirm"
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