Offering Memorandum Editing

An offering memorandum (OM) or a private placement memorandum (PPM) is only as strong as its editing. Sellers spend thousands of dollars on investment bankers to draft appealing offering memorandums, but neglect to address the issue that bankers are not classically trained writers or editors. They can gather financial statements, as well as put together management biographies, the company's profile, and even an industry overview to make up a private placement memorandum; however, spelling, language, punctuation, grammar, formatting and the particulars of English are not investment bankers' specialties, nor must they be.


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Because an offering memorandum or private placement memorandum serves as the initial preview of a company for potential buyers, it is essential for the offering memorandum to be captivating and convincing. Otherwise, the purchaser will never make an offer for the company. Therefore, abundant care and consideration must be taken to ensure the private placement memorandum seizes the buyer's interest. An offering memorandum should ideally introduce a well-thought-out, articulate case as to why the buyer should purchase the company in question. This includes the use of flawless formatting, presentation, and English throughout the entire memorandum, all of which our professional and experienced editors have been trained to provide and guarantee for our clients. Considering the tremendous financial implications of a poorly written offering memorandum or private placement memorandum, there is no room for errors when making a first impression of this kind.

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