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In this electronic, online world of ours in which so much information travels through cyberspace, it is important for the standards of good writing to be strictly observed. Proof Reading, LLC provides 24/7 editing services; our online editors are dedicated professionals who are based in the United States and who specialize in editing electronic/soft copy documents.

Documents that are transmitted electronically may require editing, just as written work that is printed may need editing before it is submitted or published. Online editors fulfill that task. Online editors receive documents as attachments to emails or they download them directly from Internet editing services. These documents are worked on by online editors just as they would be by editors who make changes on paper documents. The difference is, obviously, that online editors work at computer keyboards and they make corrections while looking at the documents on their computer monitors.


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Online editors observe the same rules of English grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, etc. as traditional editors who work on paper documents. In addition, they improve the vocabulary and sentence structure of the documents on which they work. They also clear up inconsistencies and they attempt to clarify unclear or poorly written sentences. Online editors work on undergraduate and graduate college essays, research studies, and dissertations. In addition, business-related documents, such as contracts, advertisements, proposals, emails, and memos are reviewed and revised by online editors.

The rules of Standard English apply whether a document is printed or transmitted electronically. The main function of the online editor is to ensure that the documents on which they work are clear, concise, and effectively written.

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