PowerPoint Proofreading

At Proof Reading, LLC, we edit PowerPoint presentations. When you send your PowerPoint presentation to our editing staff, they will review and edit it thoroughly in order to remove all grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Our editors will ensure that the sentence structure and flow are correct and will help you communicate the message you are trying to convey to your audience as clearly, concisely, and effectively as possible.


$0.0455 / word

  • 72-hour editing service
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$0.0546 / word

  • 48-hour editing service
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$0.0637 / word

  • 24-hour editing service
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$0.0728 / word

  • 10-hour editing service
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$0.0818 / word

  • 6-hour editing service
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$0.0955 / word

  • 3-hour editing service
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Proof Reading, LLC editors utilize Microsoft PowerPoint's comment tool to note the necessary changes that need to be implemented on each slide. Within the comments, our editors will point out errors and offer suggestions as to how to improve clarity. Proof Reading, LLC editors are experts in ensuring that your PowerPoint slides are succinct and easily understood. To ensure that your PowerPoint presentation is effective, have it edited by our Proof Reading, LLC editors.

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