Reference Editing Services

Accurate references and citations are essential to the success of an academic paper. They corroborate the information conveyed in the paper, but they can also be the tipping point between the success and failure of a paper. Incorrectly formatted footnotes, bibliography entries, works cited, endnotes, reference lists, and in-text citations can cause you to lose crucial points on an otherwise stellar paper. Many important rules will be determined by the required writing style of the paper: which citation system should be used, what information should be conveyed, and how it should be arranged. With Proof Reading, LLC's reference editing service, we resolve to edit your references impeccably. The guidelines laid out in the citation system will be followed precisely, and you can rest assured that your document will be graded purely on its message and content.

To benefit from Proof Reading, LLC's expert reference editing, include your references when you submit your document. Our editors are equipped to fulfill your referencing needs, whether you would like us to edit your whole list of references or just provide one correct reference as an example. We are happy to help your paper—and its references—achieve success!

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