Using OpenOffice 3.2

Step 1:
Locate the Edit tab at the top of the screen. Left-click and scroll down to find Record. If there is a check mark before Record, the feature is turned on as in the screen shot below. Be sure to disable the Record feature before proceeding.

Remove Record Changes - Part 1

Step 2:
In the screen shot below, the Record feature is disabled.

Remove Record Changes - Part 2

Step 3:
Locate the Edit tab at the top of the screen. In the dropdown menu, scroll to Changes find Accept or Reject and left-click.

Remove Record Changes - Part 3

Step 4:
An Accept or Reject Changes window will appear. Click on the first correction and use the Accept or Reject buttons to address the changes.

Remove Record Changes - Part 4

Step 5:
With the correction selected, click Accept to have the correction incorporated into the document. The cursor will automatically advance to the next correction. Clicking Reject will remove the correction, retaining the original text.

Remove Record Changes - Part 5

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