Removing Editor Comments - Word 2003

Step 1:
Use Microsoft Word to open your document. In the example below, the word “attach” has been circled in red. The editor wants to know if the author meant to write “attack.” The editor comment has been circled in blue and is located in the right hand margin.

Remove Editor Comments — Part 1

Step 2:
Move your mouse to the right hand margin and right click on the Editor Comment. Select Delete Comment from the drop down menu.

*You must manually revise the sections highlighted by the editor comment. Microsoft Word does not automatically make the change suggested by the editor in this situation. Comments that have been inserted in your document by the editor are meant to correct recurring problems or the editor is requesting that you further explain your sentence, phrase, idea, or thesis.

Remove Editor Comments - Part 2

Step 3:
After you follow Step2 and correct the highlighted section, the editor comment is removed.

Remove Editor Comments - Part 3

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