SMS Notification

Want to know exactly when your document has been proofread and returned by your editor? Enable SMS notification on any Proof Reading, LLC document. Business and academic clients alike use SMS notification to become informed of the moment that a document has been edited and returned. There are two methods to enabling SMS notification:

SMS at the Document Level:

SMS notification is easy to enable, and it can be added at the time of document submission for $1.00. This feature will ensure that a specific document of your choosing has been given the SMS notification option, without automatically enabling every document to receive the feature. Add SMS notification to your most important documents–or for those times when you will not be able to check your email regularly.

Adding an SMS number to a document is a great way to notify the document submitter when a document has been proofread and returned. Many Proof Reading, LLC corporate clients share accounts, and implementing this SMS notification feature will reduce confusion, as there may be multiple account holders but only one person on the account who actually submitted the document.

SMS at the Profile Level:

SMS notification can be added to your client profile. This will ensure that every document on an account has the SMS notification option enabled. This will help you save time by having a mobile number on file for all of your documents. There is no need to re-enter your mobile phone number if it is already in your profile. It is also possible to remove this feature for any singular document submitted; to do so, simply remove the mobile phone number from the SMS notification field at the time of document submission.

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