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Proof Reading, LLC's editors are the foremost experts in website content editing. Proof Reading, LLC editors have proofread verbiage for application dialog windows, landing pages written exclusively for SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing), tutorial/instructional pages, etc. Our editors are knowledgeable about the current trends and the keywords with which many Web users are familiar. Our clients have the option of selecting American or British English, so we can customize your content to fit your target market, or create dual pages for both styles to ensure your site captures a wider audience. Your unique content will not be reused or republished, as we will delete your document from our databases after editing. We value your intellectual property and adhere to a strict privacy policy to ensure confidentiality


$0.0455 / word

  • 72-hour editing service
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$0.0546 / word

  • 48-hour editing service
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$0.0637 / word

  • 24-hour editing service
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  • 10-hour editing service
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There are two ways to submit your website content for editing. The first option is to copy your text from your application or website and paste it into a Microsoft Word or Open Office file. This will allow the editor to make the changes directly to your text. This is the most advantageous option, as you can incorporate our proofreading changes quickly. The second option is to take screenshots of your website and submit them as a PDF. The editor can make changes to the PDF with the sticky note tool, and then your Web administrator can make the changes to your script directly. This is beneficial if your application is image-heavy or there is little real estate for large amounts of text. Unfortunately, we do not accept HTML or script for direct editing.

Our editing staff can edit social media content, such as Tweets from Twitter, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn profiles. Email and newsletter editing is also available to ensure a clear message to reach your audience. White papers and case studies are also a great way to capture more of your target audience while showcasing your most prominent clients; our editors have proofread many of these professional documents, ensuring continuity of tone and word choice, in addition to correct grammar and English mechanics.

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