Busy Copywriting Firm Cuts Proofreading Costs in Half by Using Proof Reading, LLC

The Hired Pens chooses Proof Reading, LLC for faster job turnaround, lower editing costs, and a competitive edge

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--July 27, 2010--A Boston-based copywriting firm, The Hired Pens, reduced proofreading costs and increased its ability to meet the tightest of deadlines by relying on the team of editors at Proof Reading, LLC. Since choosing Proof Reading, LLC in 2008, The Hired Pens has cut its previous year's proofreading budget in half. Company managers say that the service is invaluable.

“We fully rely on Proof Reading, LLC to root out any embarrassing errors that our clients would spot before we would,” says Anna Goldsmith, co-founder of The Hired Pens. “They are one of our most valuable resources.”

The Hired Pens brings its clients nearly a decade of experience creating award-winning print content for such companies as American Express, FedEx, Microsoft, Sony, Stride Rite, and others. Work includes websites, speeches, brochures, catalogues, newsletters, and fundraising letters. With such a robust portfolio, The Hired Pens needed a proofreading partner to ensure that it presents high-quality products. Proof Reading, LLC is that partner.

“[Co-founder] Dan Sullivan and I are not only charged with managing and executing the work, but also with making sure it is done right,” says Goldsmith. “That means making sure there are no avoidable typographical and grammatical errors. So, we need a proofreading partner we can count on to get it right and meet tight deadlines.”

To adhere to tight deadlines, the company must have a team of experienced editors available 24/7. Years ago, Goldsmith hired freelance proofreaders. However, writers often required immediate proofreading, and freelancers were not always available. Goldsmith notes, “I love the ‘at a moment's notice’ availability of Proof Reading, LLC. The turnaround time is really impressive too. I can get documents proofed as quickly as needed — in as little as an hour, if it is a real rush job.”

To learn more about The Hired Pens and its success using Proof Reading, LLC, visit https://www.proof-reading.com/hired-pens-proofreading-case-study.pdf

Proof Reading, LLC provides high-quality business editing services, utilizing the convenience of the Internet. Proof Reading, LLC is located in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District, providing proofreading to businesses and individuals. Proof Reading, LLC has a proven editing staff that provides high-impact results and quick return times.

Source: Proof Reading, LLC

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